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Rummy Gold APK Download | Rummy Gold Real Cash | Rummy Golds 2023 : Do you know that we can enjoy online Rummy game sitting at home and at the same time we can earn money from it?

Yes, it is 100% possible. Because earlier Rummy game was played offline but now we can play it in our mobile sitting at home and earn real cash .

We can do all this through the Rummy Gold app . In today’s article, we will give you all the information from downloading RummyGolds App to Earn Real Money from it. That’s why definitely read this article from beginning to end.

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What is Rummy Gold App?

Rummy Gold is a new online money earning gaming platform in which we can earn money while having fun by playing rummy game . Rummy Gold was launched just a few years ago and in such a short span of time lakhs of people have joined Rummy Rolds.

In Rummy Gold app we can earn money by playing not only Rummy but many games like Ludo, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and Cricket . The biggest reasons for the popularity of this app are that one can earn money by playing rummy in it and secondly, one can earn money by using more than one method in it.

This app created by the company VISIONARIA can be run in many languages, which means that language does not become a hindrance in earning money.

Talking about earning, you can easily get your won money through your bank account or UPI ID .If you like Rummy games then you must try Rummy Gold once.

Rummy Gold APK Review and Offers

Rummy Golds App Special Features

There are some features of the Rummy Gold app that you must know about. The following are the detailed features of the Rummy Gold app ;

Rummy Gold APK Download Process

rummy gold apk download process

To earn money from Rummy Gold app, it is most important that its app is installed in your mobile. Because you can earn money by playing games in its mobile app itself. So following we are going to tell you how to download Rummy Gold app ;

If this app is not getting installed in your phone, then go to the setting of your smartphone and turn on the “ Unknown Sources ” option and then try to install this app. After this Rummy Gold will definitely be installed.

How to Register on Rummy Gold App?

rummy golds register steps

After downloading its app, you will now have to create an account in it. Because after creating an account, the user is identified and it is easy for the user to earn money. So let’s know how to create an account in Rummy Gold App;

By doing this your account will be created in Rummy Gold app and now you can earn Real Money by playing Rummy as well as 23 other types of online money paying games.

How to Get ₹41 Bonus on Rummy Gold App?

Rummy Gold app offers a sign up bonus of Rs.41 to its new users so that users can use this money to play games and increase their earnings. So let’s know what is the way to get this Rs.41 bonus;

You can use these free bonus money to play Rummy Gold game . You will get Real Cash on winning the game which you can easily withdraw.

Rummy Gold Referral Code

As we have already told in this article that by referring we can earn a lot through this app. In such a situation, many people search for the refer code of Rummy Gold App. Let us tell you that no referrer code is required while signing in Rummy Gold app .

But if you still get the option to enter the refer code, then you can enter our Rummy Gold Refer Code ie “13374367 ”. Using this you will get free sign up bonus ranging from Rs.42 to Rs.100 .

How to Earn Money From Rummy Gold App 2022 – Upto ₹3500 Real Cash Daily

Most of the people think that in Rummy Gold app we can earn money only by playing Rummy. But it is not so, there are many ways to earn money in Rummy Gold app and we are going to mention all those ways in detail below.

1. Get Free Sign Up Bonus in Rummy Gold App

When you download Rummy Gold App by someone’s refer link and register in it, you get free ₹ 51 sign up bonus like Teen Patti Joy App which can be used to play games. for this you are given our you can also use

When you sign-up with our Rammy Golds referral link, you will get Rs.41 instant bonus absolutely free of cost . You can use this cash bonus amount to earn by playing any Rummy Gold Game in it.

2. Play Online Rummy and Earn Real Cash

This app is famous for Rummy only. In this, we can enjoy Rummy game in many variants and when we win the game of Rummy, we get money which we can easily transfer to our bank account . Apart from rummy, there are many other games available to earn money.

3. Make Money by Playing Ludo Game in RummyGolds

Who does not know the game Ludo, which we have been playing since childhood. Ludo games are also available in the Rummy Gold app for which there are different types of Ludo Contests in the app . By participating in these, when you win the Ludo contest, you will get money which will be deposited in your wallet.

4. Rummy Gold Teen Patti to Earn Real Cash

Apart from Ludo and Rummy, there is a very famous game which is Teen Patti. You will also find this game in this app to earn money. You will find many types of games in Teen Patti , by winning which you can earn some money and get it through your bank account or UPI account.

5. Refer and Earn Unlimited Money From Rummy Golds

You have already known that we can earn money by using the refer link. Now also know that in Rummy Gold app we can earn money by referring people.

When you send someone your refer link and that person signs up on the app using your refer link, you get refer bonus which you can use to play games.

6. Earn Daily Login Bonus in Rummy Gold APK For Free

This work is very easy to earn money. In this you just have to open the app everyday and just click on the Check in button. By doing this you get some bonus which can be used to earn money by playing the game.

Exactly the same type of bonus is also available on opening Teen Patti Live. In this you get a total of ₹ 68 Daily Login Bonus . That’s why you should collect these bonuses by downloading Teen Patti Live . Golds Earning Tricks – Rummy Gold Real Cash Game

Do you want to earn up to ₹3000 a day by playing Teen Patti ? Download now the best Teen Patti Real Cash Game . Free ₹50 to ₹100 Bonus will also be available.

How to Earn ₹500 Daily in Rummy Gold App?

Many people just want to make just 500 rupees a day with the help of Rummy Gold app, that ‘s all. So for this you first download the app using our refer link and get sign up bonus. You can play a wide variety of games using this sign up bonus .

If you win the game then you get money which varies according to the contest. Also refer your friends and acquaintances and keep getting daily bonus. If you play the game for 2-3 hours every day and refer at least 1 person daily, then you can easily earn 500 rupees a day in this.

Rummy Gold Dragon vs Tiger Game

Dragon vs Tiger game is also present in the list of all 23 games available on Rummy Gold, which is considered to be its most popular Cash Winning Game . Because by playing this you can earn 500 or even 2500 rupees every day. , that too by giving very less time.

If you do not know what is Dragon vs Tiger Game with Rummy Gold, then let me tell you that while playing it you have to bet on Tiger or Dragon or Tie . If you bet on Tiger and Tiger wins, then you will get a lot of money which is Real Cash. You can withdraw these winning amounts.

Let us now know how to play Rummy Gold Dragon vs Tiger ;

There is no limit to earn from dragon tiger game . If you like to play this game, then check out the list of best Dragon vs Tiger Cash Game right now , get ₹ 50-100 Bonus instantly and earn a lot of Real Cash daily.

How to Refer Rummy Gold App?

Rummy Gold app gives us great bonuses for referring any of our friends or acquaintances, which leads to great earnings. Let us know how to refer people for this app ;

Now you have sent your refer link, after clicking and downloading it, when the user signs up in it, you will get the bonus from which you can play the game.

Refer Rummy Golds and Earn ₹10 Instant Cash

If you are not able to play the game by depositing money yourself, it does not matter because in this you can get 10 rupees by referring any of your friends or acquaintances and earn money by playing the game. So let’s know its method;

Similarly, the more people you refer, the more you get in the form of bonus chips and your earnings keep on increasing.

How to Add Cash in Rammy Gold App?

In Rummy Gold app, we can play Rummy by betting real money and earn. That’s why we must have money in our Rummy Gold app wallet to play the game . So following we are going to tell you how to add money to Rummy Gold app wallet;

If you deposit Cash in Rummy Gold for the first time, then you get Free Cashback Chips, which increases your Rummy Golds Wallet Balance. Just like Teen Patti Gold .

Rummy Golds Add Cash Offer (Bank Deposit)

If you add cash for the first time , you will get a maximum cashback of 5.5% . But Minimum you have to deposit ₹ 1001 , that too through Bank Transfer. Let’s see the table how much money will come in your wallet by putting how much amount.

Deposit Amount Cashback Amount Wallet Balance after Payment
₹1001 3% 1031 Rupees
₹3001 3.5% ₹3106
₹5001 4% 5201 Rupees
₹8001 4.5% ₹8361
₹10,001 5% 10,501 Rupees
₹30,001 5.5% ₹31,651
₹50,001 5.5% 52,751 Rupees
₹100,000 5.5% ₹105,500

According to the Rummy Gold APK offer, the more Amount you deposit, the more Cashback Bonus you are going to get. But this does not mean that you add more money to it. To avoid the risk of financial loss, you have to invest less amount in it .

Rummy Gold App Cash Withdrawal Process

After earning money in Rummy Gold app by doing other tasks like playing games, referring and login, we can get these money in our bank account. But very few people know about how to get money from Rummy Gold App. Let’s know how to withdraw money from Rummy Gold app;

You have now Withdraw money in Rummy Gold app and after some time you will get this money in your bank account.

How to Add Payment Mode in RummyGolds App?

By winning money in Rummy Gold app we can get it through our bank account and for that we have to add bank account in the app as well. So now we will know how to add bank account in Rummy Gold App ;

Your bank account can now be added to the Rummy Gold app. Similarly , you can also include your UPI ID by clicking on Chip to UPI .

Rummy Gold APK Game (List of Available Games)

There are many games available in the Rummy Gold app, by playing which you can earn handsomely. So let’s know about the games available in the Rummy Gold app;

ICC T20 Car Roulette
7 Up Down Andar Bahar
Rummy Andar Bahar GO
I’m doing Patti I make Patti 20-20
Variation Poker
LUDO 10 Cards
Dragon vs Tiger Mines
Zoo Roulette Crash
Roulette Baccarat
Black Jack Best of Five
Fruit Line Fishing Rush
3 Card Poker

Apart from all these Rummy Gold app is going to include more games in future in its app, by playing which you will be able to earn money. That is, there will be no shortage in your entertainment and earning money through this app.

Rummy Gold Tricks to Play and Earn Real Cash Easily

One such trick is in our hand, using which you can easily earn 1000-2000 daily through Rummy Gold App. So let’s know about that trick ;

In this way, if you play Rummy Gold Real Cash Game thoughtfully, then you will enjoy playing the game and your earnings will also be good in it.

In Which Language is the Rummy Golds Available?

Rummy Gold app is available in multiple languages ​​so that language should not be a barrier to earn money. You can use the Rummy Gold app in the following languages ;

Rummy Gold APK Advantages

We can see many advantages of using the Rummy Gold app, some of which we are going to discuss below;

Apart from these, there are many advantages of Rummy Gold Real Cash App, which you will know while downloading Rummy Gold App and running it.

Rummy Gold Game Disadvantages

There is no such thing in the world which has advantages but does not have disadvantages. Similarly, Rummy Gold app also has some disadvantages which we will get to know about here;

How Much Money Can We Earn from RummyGold?

Actually it depends on our hard work that how much money we can earn from Rummy Gold app. This is such a game, if you play rummy carefully, you can earn thousands of rupees daily. But if you do not play the game carefully then you may have to lose money. That’s why play the Rummy game after thinking carefully. Only then you will be able to earn well in this.

Rummy Gold Customer Support Numbers

When we face any issue related to Rummy Gold app then we can get in touch with their customer support and get our issue resolved. Their customer support is always ready to solve your problems and solve your queries. You can get in touch with the customer support of Rummy Gold App through the following means.

Rummy Golds FAQs – Rummy Gold APK Download

After getting so much information about Rummy Gold app, it is bound to arise some questions related to it in our mind. So let’s know the answers to some of those common questions.

Can We Earn Real Cash in Rummy Golds App?

Yes yes ! We get 100% real money for playing the game at Rummy Gold which can be easily transferred to our bank account with the help of Direct Bank and UPI transfers.

Does Rummy Gold Give ₹41 Cash Bonus For Free?

Absolutely gives, but for this you have to use the Referral Link of any RummyGolds user. After that, as soon as you download and register on Rammy Golds, you will get a free bonus ranging from Rs.41 to Rs.100 . We have given ₹ 41 Bonus Link in this article.

How Much Money Can We Withdraw From Rummy Gold App?

From Rummy Gold app we can withdraw minimum Rs 100 and maximum Rs 2 lakh per day.

Is Rummy Gold App a Fake Application?

No! Rummy Gold is a 100% Real App which provides us Real Paisa to play Rummy.

How to Update Rummy Gold App?

You can download the updated version of Rummy Gold app from its official website and install it on your mobile.

Is Rummy Gold App Safe?

Yes of course! Rummy Gold is a safe and legal app to earn money by playing Rummy.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount of Rummy Gold?

The Minimum Withdrawal amount of Rummy Gold is Rs.100 which you can easily transfer to your bank.

Apart from all this, if you have any question or dilemma in your mind then feel free to comment on it. We will try to answer all your questions.

Are The Rummy Gold and Rummy Gold 2 Same App?

Till now no other Online Rummy Game named Rummy Gold 2 has been launched in the market. That’s why people search and download Rummy Gold by the name Rummy Gold 2.

Is there a Rummy Gold Pro and Plus Version to Make More Money?

Currently there is no Pro version of Rummy Golds available. You can consider Rummy Golds app itself as Rummy Gold Pro or Rummy Gold Plus , because you can generate Real Money by playing more than 23 online games in it.


Rummy Gold APK is such a fun game in which you feel like playing Rummy again and again and earning money. That’s why some people download this game and play Rummy all the time. But you don’t have to do that .

You have to play the game within a limit as it can be habit taking as well as financial risk involved. Whenever you play rummy or any other game in it, play it with a very cool mind and think carefully so that you do not suffer any kind of loss.

There is financial risk involved so it is up to you to decide how and in what way you want to play the game. We have given you the information.

If you like the information about Online RummyGolds App, then do share this article with your acquaintances and friends so that they too can know about Rummy Gold App and earn Real Cash.

Rummy Gold App Download | Rummy Golds Real Cash Game
3 patti master
3 patti master

Rummy Golds is a legit online real cash earning game that users can play various multiplayer games and earn real money with mobile. Rummy Gold app has quick withdrawal system and clean gaming interface.

Price Currency: INR

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game

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अस्वीकरण/Disclaimer: Rummy Gold app involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play Rummy Golds game responsibly at your own risk/work. The Rummy Gold APK game is applicable for 18 plus people only, not for immature people.

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